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Lead Generation Strategies for Low Cost Customer Acquisition

Learn how to apply lead generation strategies that are affordable, easily implemented and produce results fast. This Wi-Fi based customer acquisition strategy works effortlessly, helping the business build  a strong following of happy customers.

Wi-Fi Marketing Solutions

Creative Marketing Ideas For Restaurants

email wifi customers


Turn your Free WiFi service into an automated lead generating machine.

connect free wifi to social media

Social Media Connect

Engage your customers on Social Media and gain valuable marketing data.

custom landing page for free wifi


We design a custom landing page for you that engages your customers and reflects your business.  It’s your brand, your way.

loyalty rewards for free wifi


Give your loyal customers rewards when they log on to your Free WiFi and keep them coming back with promotions, coupons, contests and special offers!

access to analytics for free wifi


Learn who your customers are, and how often they visit your location with full analytics and reporting.

free wifi router


Set the limit on the amount of bandwidth that each user can consume so that all of your customers can enjoy the Free WiFi service.

Lead generation for business using free wifi
  • Capitalize On The Benefits Of Social WiFi

Say Goodbye to Passwords!

No more long WiFi passwords. No more sharing your POS and sensitive inbound lines with strangers. Our Wi-Fi Hotspots offer 256 bit SSL encryption, keeping data safe and secure.

Make It A Win-Win

Our goal is to help businesses create a win-win service for both the business and the customer.


A shared password poses a risk that sensitive data can be accessed. A Social Powered WiFi Hotspot mitigates this risk. The business and the customer will use separate gateways to access the internet. 

restaurant lead generation using free wifi marketing strategy

Social Media

Your customers are all online. To reach your customers, you need to be online too.

Social Made Easy!

It's no secret that Social Media is the critical essence in a businesses marketing strategy. But how hard is it to find the time to engage in social media? Time is a major hindrance for most business owners.

Grow Social Media Fans

Use your Free WiFi to connect and engage with your customers. Customers are making buying decisions based on the availability of a Wi-Fi service. By installing a  Social Powered Wi-Fi Hotspot, your Wi-Fi service becomes a powerful lead generation machine. It builds a valuable database of your Wi-Fi users who you can continue to engage with long after they have left your store.

Lead generation and free Wifi marketing

Trip Advisor Integration

Are you in the hospitality industry? 

Get Customer Reviews Instantly!

Our integration with Trip Advisor means your hospitality business no longer needs to ask the guest to leave a review on Trip Advisor, we do that for you!

Great For Your Business SEO 

Trip Advisor will follow up with your guests, requesting them to review their experience at your location and for them to leave a review on Trip Advisor. When people are searching on Trip Advisor for a place to holiday or restaurant to go to, you will want your business to be quickly visible to them in the search results. Allow us to show you how this is done with our WiFi Hotspot integration. Please use the 'Learn More' button below to contact us regarding this Add-on.

Trip Advisor hotel rating
free wifi and social hot spot

79% of Mobile Consumers are influenced by In Store WiFi availability

free wifi marketing for cafe and pubs

64% of Mobile Consumers make a restaurant choice based on Free WiFi availability

lead generation free wifi and social media marketing

82% of Mobile Consumers use the Internet wirelessly on a Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop

Free Wifi on train and public transport

Every business that provides a service needs to provide Free WiFi to maintain customer loyalty

How Does It Work?

As Easy As This...


Your customer is delighted to connect to your Free WiFi Hotspot connection on their smart phone, tablet or laptop. All your customer data is yours. We do not share or promote it. No password!

Get Social

Your customer will be directed to a Landing Page that asks them to log in with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram or Email accounts to access your Free WiFi


Your customer is encouraged to 'Share' and 'Like' your Facebook Business page before they are re-directed to your in store promotions, special offers and events


Customers enjoy Free WiFi. You enjoy automatically gathering valuable data that can be used for continued engagement and future marketing  campaigns

We've Made It So Easy To Get Started Today!

No More Set-Up charge, now just Plug-and-Play for quick & hassle free installation

Recommended for up to 32 simultaneous users 

 Choose the best Package for your business below


30 Days  Free Trial

1 Hot Spot

  • Unlimited Leads
  • Your Own Portal
  • 1 x Ad Space
  • Reports
  • Support
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Promotions

$97 Deposit then
$97/ month starts after 30 days

No Contract


30 Days  Free Trial

1 Hot Spot

  • Unlimited Leads
  • 1 x Email Marketing Campaign/month
  • Your Own Portal
  • 1 x Ad Space
  • Reports
  • Support
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Promotions

$97 Deposit then
$197/ month starts after 30 days

No Contract

Small Business

30 Days  Free Trial

Hot Spots max

  • Unlimited Leads
  • 2 x Email Marketing Campaigns/month
  • Your Own Portal
  • Ad Space
  • Reports/Strategy
  • Support
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Promotions

$97 Deposit then
$497 / month starts after 30 days

No Contract


30 Days  Free Trial

5 Hot Spots Max

  • Unlimited Leads
  • 1 x Email Marketing Campaign/week
  • Social Media Marketing with 4 x Facebook Ads/month (not including Ad spend)
  • Online Promotions (Re-targeting: 4 x campaigns/month)
  • Reports/strategy
  • Your Own Portal
  • Support

$97 Deposit then
$997/ month starts after 30 days

No Contract

Social Wifi Router Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We offer you a 30 Days Free Trial once your deposit of $97 for the hotspot is paid. Your month starts 30 Days later, so you get 30 Days Free to try it out! There is no contract. If you are not happy just contact us, return the router and we will refund you the $97. Easy! We want to help businesses that want customer engagement.

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